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Enhanced Method for Face Detection Based on Feature Color

Nobuaki Nakazawa 1, Motohiro Kano 2, and Toshikazu Matsui 1
1. Graduate School of Science and Tech., Gunma University, 29-1 Hon-Cho, Oota, 373-0057 Japan
2. Gunma Industrial Technology Center, 884-1 Kamesato-Machi, Maebashi, 379-2147 Japan

Abstract—This paper describes the human face detection based on special feature color. Here, the skin color was picked up as a special feature. The human’s face was observed by the USB camera in real time. First of all, human face images were obtained under the various brightness environments. As a results, it was found that red component of the facial skin is stronger than any other facial parts such as eye, nostril or mouth. In our proposed system, the original image was changed into the rough color image and the smoothing procedure was applied to calculate the weight value of the skin color and eliminate noise. In cases where the head was tilted or the face was turned to the side, it is difficult for the existed method to detect the face, because it was adjusted for the frontal face. On the other hand, our proposed system could detect the tilted face and side face.

Index Terms—face detection, image processing, RGB color, binalization, smoothing

Cite: Nobuaki Nakazawa, Motohiro Kano, and Toshikazu Matsui, "Enhanced Method for Face Detection Based on Feature Color," Journal of Image and Graphics, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 1-5, June 2016. doi: 10.18178/joig.4.1.1-5