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JOIG is focused on the view of state-of-the-art and emerging image, video, and graphics accelerations arranged towards discovering solving methods in catching the issues and challenges that the people confronts in the future and looks forward for smart life. These technologies make necessary as an advanced, different aspects, and convergent way and sight at driving advancements in processing of image and graphics both to raise people’s daily life in many approaches and to satisfy the requirements of future. All papers will be blind reviewed and accepted papers will be published quarterly.

Latest Articles

03Convolution Neural Network Approach for Early Identification of Patchouli Leaf Disease in Indonesia
Rustam*, Rita Noveriza , Siti Khotijah, Syamsul Rizal, Melati, Nor Kumalasari Caecar Pratiwi, Muhammad Hablul Barri, and Koredianto Usman
04YOLOv5 vs. YOLOv8: Performance Benchmarking in Wildfire and Smoke Detection Scenarios
Edmundo Casas, Leo Ramos*, Eduardo Bendek, and Francklin Rivas-Echeverria
06MRI Brain Tumor Analysis on Improved VGG-16 and Efficient NetB7 Models
Salini Yalamanchili, Padma Yenuga, Nagaraju Burla, HariKiran Jonnadula, Sai Chandana Bolem, Venkata Rami Reddy Chirra, Venkata Ramana M, Parimala Garnepudi, and Narasimha Rao Yamarthi*

Featured Articles

04Automatic Out-of-Distribution Detection Methods for Improving the Deep Learning Classification of Pulmonary X-ray Images
Andrey A. Dovganich, Alexander V. Khvostikov, Yakov A. Pchelintsev, Andrey A. Krylov, Yong Ding, and Mylene C. Q. Farias
05Blind Image Restoration and Super-Resolution for Multispectral Images Using Sparse Optimization
Yoshitaka Izumi, Dan Suto, Sota Kawakami, and Hiroyuki Kudo


1. How to submit my research paper? What’s the process of publication of my paper?
The journal receives submitted manuscripts via online submission system. Please submit your research paper in .doc or .pdf.

2. Can I submit an abstract?
The journal publishes full research papers. So only full paper submission should be considered...[Read More]

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