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Wireless Visual-Servoing Using Primary Color Space in MATLAB

Syed Tahir Hussain Rizvi 1, Muhammad Yaqoob Javed 2, Kamal Shahid 3, and Tasweer Ahmad 4
1. Dipartimento di Automatica e Informatica, Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy
2. Department of Automation, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China
3. Department of Electrical Engineering, (CEET), University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
4. Department of Electrical Engineering, Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan

Abstract—In this paper, Wireless Visual Servoing using MATLAB is implemented. MATLAB is used as Digital Image Processing tool for Objects and their Position Detection on the basis of Primary Color Space and then used as Primary Controller to navigate the robot about these positions. While Arduino is used as secondary controller to drive motors of robot to move towards the provided values of locations. Developed image processing algorithm, interfacing of Arduino and Wireless Camera with MATLAB are discussed in detail. Complete Control system is implemented and experimental results are obtained to verify Image Processing Algorithm.

Index Terms—object detection, primary color space, digital image processing, visual servoing, MATLAB, Arduino

Cite: Syed Tahir Hussain Rizvi, Muhammad Yaqoob Javed, Kamal Shahid, and Tasweer Ahmad, "Wireless Visual-Servoing Using Primary Color Space in MATLAB," Journal of Image and Graphics, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 132-137, December 2015. doi: 10.18178/joig.3.2.132-137